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Flora & Fauna of Mt Eliza


Tree Health

Read more about the general decline of tree health in Mount Eliza due to Ring Tail possums by Dr Yugovic.

Weed Identification

A weed by definition is a plant which grows profusely and reproduces readily somewhere it does not belong, requiring action to reduce its effects.

Indigenous Plants

The State Government classifies native vegetation in Victoria into approximately 300 ecological classes (EVC’s) Mt Eliza has 11.
2011-09-18 13_23_45 copy.jpg

Other Flora

Hovea heterophylla pictured here is one of many Flore species found in Mt Eliza’s parks and reserves
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Fauna Bird7 copy.jpg


Mt Eliza has a rich Fauna of approximately 155 fauna species including 16 mammals, 8 frogs and 13 reptiles.
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