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Volunteer Friend Groups

A friends group is a group of local people who come together and are interested in improving the appearance, facilities, conservation values and safety of their local parks and reserves and in Mt Eliza’s case the foreshore also.

We largely rely on government funding by way of grants to do our work. Therefore grant application is an ongoing task

Currently we have 4 active groups in operation. If you would like to join in. Please contact the people below.

1. Earimil Estuary Group

    Des Berry

    ph: 9787 4887

2. Williams Road Foreshore

    Melinda Gustus

    ph: 0417 052 236                

3. Milbank Reserve

    Barbara Macpherson

    ph: 0417 506 936

4. Banool Bushland

    Currently no leader

5.Victory Reserve

    Gerard McDonald

    ph: 0418 505 290

Earimil Estuary Group

After years of neglect and weed infestation, the Earimil Estuary Group was formed to restore the Ranelagh Beach and Earimil Estuary Foreshore Reserve. The work area extends from Earimil lookout at the south end of the beach up to the rocks at the north end of the beach. In 2015 Earimil Estuary Group volunteers along with Green Army and contractors, cleared weed infestation around the toilet block and revegetated with plants propagated from seeds collected on site.


This has transformed the area and the native vegetation is now thriving. Annual weed sweeps are required to take out weed regeneration. Close to the Earimil Creek Estuary outfall on the beach extensive weed removal and revegetation has transformed the cliff escarpment and lower embankment behind the dunes. 


In addition there are other Friend Groups that look after this area. The Earimil Creek Group, run by Jeff which attends inland to Earimil Creek around Acheron Avenue and the recently formed Earimil Rocks Group. Headed by Victoria Grounds a local resident, and works at the north end of Moondah Beach to the South end of Earimil rocks.

Earimil Estuary
Williams Road Group

The Friends of Williams Road Beach, which commenced bush regeneration in 2003, continues to work on the Mount Eliza foreshore.  Their work area extends between Ballar Creek and the north side of Jacksons Road.


Since its inception the Friends group has obtained regular grants to aid bush regeneration and also, to raise environmental awareness among scouts.  As of November 2019, they have funding under a Port Phillip Bay Fund Round 3 Grant and also a Coastcare Victoria Community Grant.

Staring in April 2020 working bees will take place as follows: Neale Adams will run a weeding bee on the 2nd Saturday of the month between the Williams Road car park and Glen Shian Lane.

Melinda Gustus will coordinate the Friday bush regeneration group who meet at the scout hall; and Ann Scholes will manage the plateau located between Glen Shian Lane and Ballar Creek. For further details contact Ann Scholes on 9787 7228 or refer to "working bee dates" in the latest newsletter.

Willims Road Group
Millbank Reserve Group

Originally started as a fireguard group in 1999, after a few years became a Friends Group. We look after a stretch of reserve which starts at Bellbird Road and finishes on Millbank Drive, approximately one 

kilometre in length.

The reserve follows a tributary of the

Kackerboite Creek and over the past fifteen years we’ve pulled, planted and propagated.Originally covered with sweet pittosporum,

ivy, blackberry and every other sort of weed


imaginable, we now have a mainly indigenous array of plants along the track (over 30,000 have been planted.) This has greatly increased the number of birds. Most of the track is covered in mulch, so it is suitable for walking along year-round.


We meet twice a month from March to November on a Wednesday and Sunday and work from 10 am until noon, finishing with tea and coffee. Everyone is welcome. As we start at different points; depending on where we’re working, if you’d like to join us ring Barbara on 0417 506 936 and she can give you the dates and place.

Millbank Reserve
Banool Bushland Group

The Banool Bushland group is currently on recess due to low volunteer numbers. If you would like to offer your time please contact MEAFEC via email.

Banool Bushland
Victory Reserve Group

Victory Reserve is a small remnant bushland running parallel with Claremont Street and is part of the Mount Eliza Regional Park. A small community friends group was started about 12 years ago to help combat the invasive weeds.

Originally the ecological vegetation class (EVC) was Swamp Scrub but due to changes in hydrology and climate change some plants are dying. (eg. the Melaleuca ericifolia, Acacia mearnsii and


E radiata.) We use a variety of techniques to focusing on a small area of woody weeds and scamblers. Recently spraying an area of grassy weeds and also direct seeding indigenous wallaby grasses and a mix of lilies, shrubs and trees.


Due to the recent loss of so much canopy the focus will be planting more trees. Our working bee day is the third Sunday of the month starting at 1pm.

Victory Reserve
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