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Indigenous Fauna of Mt Eliza

Fauna Seal SM.jpg

Mt Eliza has three quite distinct and diverse vegetation types that provide habitat for different Fauna species.

Mt Eliza’s Foreshore sees many coastal dwellers such as seals and penguins (from time to time), many marine species along with coastal birds.


Whilst Mt Eliza’s Regional Park and surrounding plains provides habitat for eagles, kangaroos and wallabies, possums and bats.

Lastly our creeks and gullies provide a different habitat again for swamp rats, lizards, frogs and many small birds such as finches, wrens and parrots.

Predator birds are an important part of Mt Eliza’s wild places. Both eagles and owls feed off introduced species such as rabbits, young foxes, rats and mice. Plus eagles and owls keep the population of possums in check. These

species have in recent years been defoliating many of Mt Eliza’s old gums to the point of killing them.

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swamp rat2.jpg

The Australian Swamp Rat , also known as the eastern swamp rat, is a species of rat native to the coasts of southern and eastern Australia. Scientific name: Rattus Lutreolus

They can live to be around 4 years of age but in the wild generally live to less than 2 years. Swamp rats grow to a body length of approximately 160 millimetres with a tail length of 110mm and weigh 120grams. It has a stocky build with black brown fur and black feet. The tail is grey, scaly and sparsely haired. They make tunnels through vegetation and eat mostly stems of grasses and sedges, underground roots and tubers. They are herbivores and are found in local parks and gardens. 

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