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Mt Eliza Association for Environmental Care

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Our history

Mount Eliza Association For Environmental Care (MEAFEC) is a non-profit, voluntary
organisation dedicated to preserving Mount Eliza’s natural heritage, bushland and coastal areas. Since its inception in 1972, MEAFEC has worked vigorously and constructively at retaining the natural beauty of Mt Eliza. It seeks to protect the remnant bushland, which supports a diverse range of plants and animals. Local character can also be achieved when residents value and encourage plants that occur naturally in the area.





Mount Eliza CoastCare is a community organisation affiliated with the Mount Eliza Association for Environmental Care (MEAFEC). Since 1998 it has been actively engaged in rehabilitating the Mount Eliza coast. Its aim is to establish and maintain a continuous and ecologically viable public foreshore reserve along all of Mount Eliza's coast.

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Join Us

We are funded by member subscriptions and donations without which we would not be able to achieve great outcomes for Mount Eliza. The larger our Membership base the greater our prospects of receiving grants and support from the Mornington Shire Council and other Government bodies. If you are unable to physically

volunteer then an annual subscription shows your support for Mount Eliza’s natural beauty.

Rates are:

Families $25.00 - Individuals $15.00 - Students $5.00

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