Friend’s Group Activities

An important part of the action performed by Mount Eliza Association for Environmental Care (MEAFEC) is that performed by the Friend’s Groups.

Some of these while operating under the MEAFEC umbrella are quite independent in organisation, even to the extent that they seek independent funding to enhance the work of volunteers. The Williams Road group is a fine example of this initiative.

It is somewhat surprising that more support is not forthcoming from those who abut the parks in which MEAFEC work, as they are the main beneficiaries of the work performed. However, we all benefit from the work performed by the Friends Groups.

Attendance at any of these activities is not strenuous and they are all informative and enjoyable. Work is always at a pace to suit the individual.

Always check with the organiser before planning to attend as the meeting point varies and are sometimes unable to be held due to weather.




Baden Powell Bushland Reserve (Tangenong Creek)
Meetings take place on Tuesday mornings and every second Sunday. A walk through this reserve is an activity that can be enjoyed by the entire family and provides a good environment to talk with children about environmental issues. Further details from Ann Scholes on 9787 7228.

Williams Road Beach
The work done in this area is a credit to the activity co-coordinator and those she has inspired to assist. All Mount Eliza residents should take a walk through this area from Williams Road to Jackson’s Road and even further north. This area is well used and the beauty of the area should be protected by those who walk and exercise here. Vandalism and misuse is always hard to handle by those who work so hard to make create and maintain the area in such a pristine condition. To become involved contact Ann Scholes on 9787 7228.

Earimil Bluff Foreshore
This area is enjoyed by many and is a favorite look out point across the bay and to the City. If you frequent this area and take an interest in it, you will have noticed that indigenous plants propagated from cuttings were planted on Moondah Bluff beside the track at Sturio Parade where accelerated erosion has taken place.  Weed control was also undertaken beside the track and vegetation is being gradually restored with rare plant species.  Take a look when you next visit Moondah Beach.  The group responsible for this work meet at the Earimil Lookout, Melway 101 C12. Further details from Jeff Yugovic at

Fire Station Low Fuel Indigenous Garden
Working bees on this excellent indigenous garden are on the third Sunday of each month from 9.30 - 11.30am. The rewards of the work performed here are readily available for us all to see. For further details contact Jeff Yugovic at




Moorooduc Quarry Reserve (Mount Eliza Regional Park)
This huge area enjoyed by many is the result of initiatives by original members of MEAFEC and is a credit to the few who take an active interest in maintaining it’s natural beauty. To a large extent, the work of volunteers attracts the support of Council and enables financial support through Government grants. A colony of rare and dainty wasp orchids (Chiloglottis trapeziformis) is attracting attention; fortunately they are multiplying in number.   It is good to see donkey orchids in flower (Diuris orientis) near the botanical reference area. The quarry is certainly a picture following the good rainfall during the winter and spring of 2010. This Friends group meets on the fourth Sunday of each month at 10am. Further details are available from Carol Shelton on 0434 847 311.

Earimil Estuary Group
Work has commenced on restoring the Ranelagh Beach Foreshore Reserve. In 2015 the Green Army together with the shire, Ranelagh Club and MEAFEC cleared a large area of woody weeds, applied mulch, and planted approx.. 350 plants on the Northern side of the Toilet Block. In 2016 this work area will be extended with further weed control and planting of site specific native vegetation.

In 2015 the Earimil Estuary Group commenced work at the Southern end of the Beach with the aim to link up the high quality area South of Earimil lookout, with the high quality vegetation at Ranelagh Rocks to the North end of Ranelagh Beach.