Earimil Bluff rehabilitation success
MEAFEC’s  CoastCare successfully expended three grants from Coast Action (Department of Natural Resources now DSE), rehabilitating a section of the foreshore known as Earimil Bluff.  Since then Mornington Shire Council has assumed regular management of the area.  Following the January 1997 fire on the foreshore a massive germination of boneseed and polygala threatened to over-run the native seedlings that also germinated.   Volunteer working bees and the employment of  contractors has resulted in the restoration of an intact transect of three vegetation types, from plateau scrub through cliff scrub to saltmarsh that is now acting as a reference area for further weed eradication along the beach. This is one of the largest intact examples of coastal vegetation within the Melbourne metropolitan area, with a high quality area of vegetation known as Baxter Sandstone coastal headland scrub.

Coast Action/Coastcare: Supporting Victoria’s Coastal Volunteers

Coast Action/Coastcare is a Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) program that supports local communities to contribute to the protection of Victoria’s coastal environment. The program promotes stewardship of our coast by supporting community action such as re-vegetation, protectioncoast care of threatened species and community education. The program provides funding, training and advice to coastal volunteer group’s right along the coast. In conjunction DSE publishes “Coastline” four times per year, including an annual Summer printed edition. Go to www.dse.vic.gov.au/coasts To subscribe to coastline or contribute an article, please contact your local facilitator – Mount Eliza Association for Environmental Care and our Friends Group leader for Earimil Bluff Jeff Yugovic.

Port Phillip Conservation Council
MEAFEC is a member of Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc. PPCC consists of representation from the many conservation groups around Port Philip Bay, these include:- Beaumaris Conservation Society Inc., Black Rock & Sandringham Conservation Association Inc., Brighton Foreshore Preservation Association Inc., Carrum Residents Action Group Inc., Earthcare of St Kilda Inc., Frankston Beach Association Inc., Friends of Edithvale Seaford Wetlands Inc., Kananook Creek Association Inc., McCrae Homestead Coastal Group Inc., Mordialloc-Beaumaris Conservation League Inc., Mornington Environment Association Inc., Mount Eliza Association for Environmental Care Inc., Nepean Conservation Group Inc., & Western Region Environment Centre Inc. PPCC meets twice yearly and is an influence for good on many environmental issues affecting Port Phillip and its surrounds. The council maintains an interesting web site, www.ppcc.org.au which is well worth viewing from time to time, to stay abreast of current issues. If you are aware or concerned about issues that you would like raised at MEAFEC or PPCC meetings please communicate with one of our committee.